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Villa Escudero Plantations has opened it's doors to public as a resort with village tours, museum tour, food since 1981. It is 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of coconut plantation and hacienda located at Tiaong, Quezon, 10 kms south of San Pablo city of Laguna Province on the border area with Quezon Province. It's a good local attraction to experience Philippine culture and history in Calabazon with it's farm facility and museum.


Villa Escudero is famous with it's carabaw riding and lunch on the river at the dam area, and it's well collected antigue and item in the museum.



* Villa Escudero is located in Quezon province and it is about 90 kms from Manila city.


* Villa Escudero is located south of San Pablo city and southwest of Mount Banahaw.


* On the highway to Villa Escudero.


* Carabaw Mutya.


* Carabaw Sexy.


* House of the owner of Villa Escudero.


* weapons from the wars. canon, tank, machine guns.


* A air fighter, now it's displayed as a sample.


* tank from the war.


* the farm.


* the carabaw.


* sculpture of musicians.


* Arsenio Escudero Hydroelectric Power Plant.


* The dam and waterfalls. It's fun people eating their lunch here on the river.


* And it's more fun that the fishes are swimming around you while you eating your lunch.


* The waterfalls and the cloud and the blue sky.


* bells in front of the museum.


* house of the owner.



( the picture from TripAdvisor )

*** The Villa Escudero Museum collected a lot of animal samples, old clothes, living item, paintings, tools, bones...it is worth to give a visit. ***



Contact information for reservations:

Villa Escudero, Km 91, Tiaong, Quezon

1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

TEL and Mobile:
+63 (02) 523-0392,
+63 (02) 521-0830,
+63 (02) 523-2944,
+63 917-583-7727,
+63 919-993-4744

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Villa-Escudero-Plantations-and-Resort-337893889538/



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