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City Tour of Cagayan De Oro City during Holy Week that we will take you to sight seeing around the city especially during these holidays.

The bird view of Cagayan De Oro City.

Lim Ket Kai Shopping Mall

Some restaurants along the road of Lim Ket Kai Shopping Mall.

Lim Ket Kai Shopping Mall is silent without guests during holy week.

Bo's Coffee is open.

A view from hotel Mallberry Suites Business.

Blue sky.

Blue sky.

deli restaurant.

green tree leaves and blue sky.

A restaurant outside Lim Ket Kai Shopping Mall.

go for a city tour on the street. There are only some civilians on the street.

A view from a jeepney of the street.

Gaisano Shopping Mall

A jeepney passed by.

Bo's Coffee.

PRYCEGAS Hotel durning the night.

A night view of the Cagayan De Oro City from PRYCEGAS Hotel durning the night.

Cagayan De Oro City is located at the northen part of Mindanao Island.

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