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Bulul, also known as tinagtaggu, is a type of wooden sculpture which is used to guard the rice crop by the Ifugao people of northern Luzon. Ifugao's sub-tribe Kalanguya has same culture too. The sculptures represent their ancestors and to gain power from the presence of the ancestral spirit. Certain Ifugao people are particularly skilled in carving bulul.

An Bulul sculpture with shining eyes.


Sitting with hands on knees.


Another Bulul sculpture.



Male Bulul guardian



Ifugao duyu bowls and Bulul guardian sculptures.


Watch introduction video on Bulul sculpture.

A very special Bulul guardian of the rice harvest

* Bulul sculptures exhibited in Bernard de Grunne museum


Bernard De Grunne Museum

Bernard de Grunne is an internationally acclaimed tribal art historian and renown expert in ancient African art, Oceanic art and Indonesian art



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