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Taal Volcano erupts na tayo !! You see the power of nature ! And wearing face mask when stepping out is strongly recommended ! Otherwise, your lung becomes vacuum cleaner...

An amazing eruption that Taal Volcano ever made since 1960s.
With big ash cloud and lightning and thunder, it falls ash rain around Taal lake area in Tagaytay City and some ash even falls down on Metro Manila urban streets.

(picture from From instagram: coffee_dante or https://www.instagram.com/coffee_dante/ )

See the videos here if you have bigger bandwidth:

Lightning and ash: timelapse footage shows Taal volcano eruption (by Guardian News)

Philippines Taal volcano: Major eruption brewing | DW News


* A series of pictures of Taal Volcano ash cloud and lightning.








* Evacuees who have got ash on them now get on the truck to escape from Taal Volcano residences to safety location.




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