Beauty will fade, but not goodness.
(Filipino Proverb)

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Vigan City, which was built in 16th century, becomes an classic and "must visit" attraction of the Philippines since listed as world heritage by UNESCO in 1999.

Vigan City is the capital of the province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines which is located at the north west of Luzon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the few Spanish colonial towns left in the Philippines whose old structures have mostly remained intact.


* It is recommended to hire a calesa near the Vigan Catheral Church before you start the Vigan City tour, because it is quite wide range of the city and the streets and it could takes 1 to 2 hours to travel by calesa. Riding a calesa feels like falling into a time tunnel way back to 16th century.


A museum along the street.


Museum of Crisologo Memorabilia. Vigan, Ilocos Sur.


A classic Spanish house.


Almost all the house with white walls and red roofs.


You may rent a tricycle to have a city tour if you want.


A window of the Syquia Mansion Museum.


Syquia Mansion Museum.


A sight of another street.


Cafe Uno.


Riding on the calesa to travel around the city.


All the streets are small width only.


Hotel Salcedo.


Gordion Hotel.


To another street.


You can see the houses were built with bricks.


To a popular street where many shops open.


Feels like walking on a 16th century street of Spanish Colonization City.


There are many furnitures along the street as decorations of the house.


A souvenir store at the left hand side.


Catching up with another calesa on the street.


Digna's souvenir shop.


JFC Supermart.


A shop sells traditional hats.


All the calesas are standing by the street to wait for their tourists.


A beautiful hotel.


A traditional house.


A Spanish house with classic widnows on the 2nd floor.


Yet another souvenir shop.


A driver rides a calesa passing by.


Calle Crisologo. A traditional wheel chair.




A crowded street with calesas.


 Collado souvenir shop.


Many tourists look for souvenir.


A good business of a souvenir shop.


Some handycrafts.


People are walking along the street cozily.


Another sight of the street.


A cart park right beside a house.


A wheel chair is displayed in front of a house.


Another sight of the street.


Joba's Souvenir Shop.


A view from the main street of Vigan City.


The other sight of the main street.


A house painted yellow color.


Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street).


Toelntino's shop.


A souvenir shop.


A tree on the house.


Calle Mabini.


A view from Calle Mabini.


Blue sky and white houses.


Calle Plaridel.


Calle Salcedo.


A view of the street feels like a oil paint.


Heritage Village Administration Office.


Calle Gen Luna.


Back to the plaza where we started the city tour.


A white church.



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