Beauty will fade, but not goodness.
(Filipino Proverb)

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Making money is about time, capital (or saving), me and other people. Here are the 4 types of making money you could choose to accumulate your assets into wealth.

1. make money with your time (employment)

It's so called employeement to have a job as a worker in a company and to spend your time to earn salary (or wages). In this stage, you might feel the salary or wages is good or not so high or so low. You trade your time into money. It's a way of working and a choice that does not say good or bad. At least you earn.

2. make money with your money (investment)

In this stage, you earn money with your money. Either you choose to buy paper assets like funds, bonds, stock shares, time deposit etc.., you earn interests or cash dividends or bonus from them. They are types of passive income that you don't involve in the process of making money. Actually you only spend few time, and with bigger amount of investment you will have the return of investment (ROI) you will received. The advantages of investment on paper assets are that you don't really buy equipments, you don't hire employees, you don't rent a office, etc...

3. make money with other people's time (business)

If you are more ambitious that you choose to estabilish your own business and ask other people to work for you (your businness system). You create a business system to operate 8 hours a day or 24 hours a day like online shop. You delegate your work to others, and you work less as a boss that most of the time you are thinnking about how to improve your business system. The less you involve into the system the better. But there are initial establishment you have to settle like office space, equipments, office suppliments, etc...

4. make money with other people's money (borrow / loan / funds and investment)

In this stage, you raise funds or borrow / loan from people to create a capital. Then you do investment to the stock market or bonds market to earn money. You don't really have the initial cash but you have the purchase power to stock market or bonds market. To earn either the cash dividends or differences from buying and selling stock shares.

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