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Investing in Philippine Stock Market is as easy as few steps away from applying a bank account and depositing money to bank account to opening a trade account.

How To Invest in Philippine Stock Market

Follow these steps then you are on the right track to passive income system:

1. Open bank account

for example open a BPI Family Saving Account.

2. Save money

Deposit money to that saving account.

3. Open Trading Account

For example, apply a BPItrade.com account to BPI bank.

open a https://www.bpitrade.com/ account and start to invest Philippines stock market.

visit the BPI Trade Investors Hub,
at the 11F Ayala North Exchange
Tower 1, Ayala Ave. cor.
Salcedo & Amorsolo Sts., San Lorenzo,
Makati City, Philippines 1229

Here is the BPItrade FAQ of opening an stock trading account.

4. Go for trading stock

go https://www.bpitrade.com/ then trade.

WWW.PESOBILITY.COM is a investment information website to monitor stock share prices.

You can check those blue chips stocks in the Philippines here (as of 2022-06-13) : 


ROI (Return of Investment) 3% to 8% stock dividends annually is common seen in stock market.

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