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You need some tips when you buy a house, especially when you buy it alone without consultants or recommendations from your relatives or friends. Hereunder are 6 tips for you to ease the way to consider before place the order.

1. Don't buy a house just by looking at the beauty of the decoration.

The interior decoration of the house is the easiest to adjust, but the house structure cannot be changed. Therefore, when picking a house, you should pay attention to the inherent conditions such as moving lines, layout, and lighting, rather than just looking at the appearance to judge the value of buying. When viewing the sample house, pay careful attention to possible problems such as roof beams, dead corners, and the bedroom next door is the kitchen next door, and bring them up for discussion.

2. Do not buy areas with poor public security and complex environments.

The safety of the area is another key point that should be paid more attention to when buying a house, especially for women who live alone, and avoid homes with narrow and dark circulation lines and few people and cars. In addition, fire prevention, anti-theft, building security management or regional crime rate, etc., should also be taken into account; you can choose a house with administrators, or make good use of the building door intercom equipment, alarm system and uninterruptible power system, etc. , can provide an additional layer of protection for residential safety.

3. Don't buy a house with inconvenient transportation.

Commuter function is also a condition to pay attention to when buying a house. Whether it is a commuter who relies on public transportation or a driving people, the convenience of transportation will affect the purchase of a house. After all, “convenient access” can improve the quality of life, and it will be easier to sell in the future. The space is conducive to changing hands in the future. Therefore, you should try to choose an area that is close to the MRT station or with frequent bus schedules, which will be more convenient for commuting to and from get off work. There are supermarkets nearby that are convenient for shopping, and department stores can be easily reached, so that you can take care of yourself on weekdays. In addition, drivers must consider the number of nearby parking spaces, or the price and safety of the parking lot attached to the building.

4. Do not be impulsive, actuate the principal and interest of the mortgage first.

Because some people are inherently emotional, impulsive, and soft-hearted, they are especially vulnerable to advocacy, emotional buying, and buying unaffordable houses. Therefore, experts suggest that you should think about yourself before looking at the house, so that you can afford it in the future. The maximum expenditure of the monthly mortgage is preferably one-half of the income, otherwise it may affect the overall quality of life. In the process of buying a house, don’t buy it when you feel comfortable or the decoration is beautiful. You should think about your own needs and conditions rationally, or consult people who have experience in buying a house to avoid regrets and cause a lot of money loss.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions of house salespeople.

Buying a house is a long-term affair. The person who will live in it in the future is yourself. When buying a house, you must have the courage to raise various confusions and details, and don’t let your “feelings” affect your chances of getting a good house.

6. Don't feel that you are nitpicking and too perfectionistic.

Some people have a preference for "pursuing perfection", which is actually the only way to choose a good house - advocating brands and often choosing well-known and high-quality builders, so as to avoid buying houses with poor design and cutting corners; Convenience is more important; A buyer loves to gossip and listen to news, which reflects the importance of brand reputation, construction quality, and community management in property purchases. Therefore, when buying a house, don't give up the "perfectionist" attitude. You must believe that buying a house is inherently nitpicking in order to have long-term future blessings; sometimes a good community has more value preservation advantages than a house in the same location, which is a matter of course. In order to pursue such a high-quality life, you must show your attitude when shopping - "buy the best within your ability".

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