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Many fabulous international and local music and musicians will play from Feburary 29, 2020 2:00pm to March 1st, 2020 10:30pm. Book your ticket, stay tuned then join the party !

Malasimbo Festival is now runing upto 2020 for its 10th year anniversary and moved to La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City in the metropolitan of Metro Manila from previous locations at outer island Mindoro for serveral years.


Lined up Musicians, Artists and Bands are :
Talata ni Tala
Marga Jayy
Uncomfortable Science
Mike Love [full band]
David de Barce Ft. Mr. Marcus

Project Yazz
Tago Jazz Collective
Phythm Masala
Mike Love [solo]
Jesus Molina Quartet
Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles



* Music business conference.


* The schedule of Malasimbo Music Festival.


* The exact location is at the Petron Amphitheater at the right hand side of the map of La Mesa Ecopark.


* So this is the Petron Amphitheater durning the day.


Malasimbo 2020 Music & Program teaser


For more information on Malasimbo Festival, please visit these websites:


Official Website:






Youtube Channel: Here are many footages for the past few years.


* All images adopted from official website and Facebook page.


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