"You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside." -- Wayne Dyer

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In the age of information explosion, how do you start your online business through online marketing ? What resources do you have ? What online marketing techniques do you need to know ? This article sorts out for you 7 approaches of online marketing to help you kick off quickly.

Reviewing the Moz survey below, you will find out that online marketing either spends money or takes time. The vertical axis on the left can indicate the difficulty from top to bottom (from do-it-yourself to requires technical support from engineers). You can evaluate what you are capable of doing, how can you do it, and how much time and money you will spend.

1. SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

The so-called search engine optimization is: when users enter relevant keywords in Google search, your website or page information will appear in the top few positions of the search results. According to statistics, 50% of users will click on the first two results. So as long as your website content is good indexed enough by Google search engine, through SEO, you will have higher opportunity to get exposure of your website to attract potential consumers.

The well-known SEO master Brian Dean once shared a method of quickly grabbing the Google search engine ranking in your niche market and telling you how to perform it step by step.

Proceed as follows:

First, you can find a topic that is popular but not so easy to understand, and then find out if anyone on the Internet has made a relatively simple, clear, and easy-to-understand information chart for the information.

Then, congratulations, your chance is here!

(1) Make relevant information charts, issue comments, and answers to the topics.
(2) Find relevant opinion leaders, websites, and share your own information
(3) Try your best to let your content reach more people and be shared by more people
(4) Upon sharing, ask people to add a backlink to your website, blog, and platform

Of course, the premise is that you have been operating your own website for a period of time, and you have a solid business model of your website to have a chance to succeed.

Like for example, you are a beginner of a make-up brand or an amateur who is very interested in beauty products.
And you are very picky about the quality of cosmetics because your skin is particularly sensitive. Therefore, you have detailed comparison information about various types of products or brands in the market, then you can make a comparison infographic of testimonial to tell those users who have the same troubles as you on the Internet.

In order to make the website appear on the first page of search results, in fact, there is a lot of effort to be done, and it is a continuous and cumulative process. It will be too naive to hope to get rich overnight without paying efforts.

If your website is only done today, it is almost impossible to expect to bring thousands of natural search traffic on the second day of opening without any content management !

2. Content Marketing

The essence of content marketing: provide your potential customers with timely and valuable information.

Imagine that every time you encounter a bottleneck in marketing and you enter relevant keywords on search engine to find solutions. You will see someone else has helped you out through the road ahead telling you how to avoid detour to gain higher conversion rates, ain't you encouraged ? Not only you can save your time but also solve the problems, through screenshots, text explainations, and even videos which teach you how to do step by step.

Create content that helps solve potential customer's problems, is the best content marketing !

If you have this ability to find a solution to fix users' difficulties in your niche market and convert it into a practical information, people will like it and share it !

If you don't know what the market needs, you can visit the online course website like Udemy.com to see what people want to learn and what are the popular themes.

For example, if you were able to repair all kinds of electrical appliances and water pipes, or you know how to open a beer bottle without using a bottle opener in one hundred ways. These small problems that people will encounter in life...

As long as your content is systematic, exciting, and interesting enough, it could attract some people to read on the Internet soon.

However, this takes time too to manage to slowly cultivate your readers.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are like a beast, and its huge influence makes all of us the beneficiaries. Aside from Facebook, the leader of social media, there are also Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Vine, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. all have their own fans.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a famous person in social marketing on the Internet. He has won four times the best-selling author of the New York Times. His Facebook and Instagram have more than 2 million followers.

In addition, Twitter has 1.53 million followers, and the number of subscribers of #askgaryvee show on Youtube is as high as nearly 780,000 people. It focuses on key questions and answers on business management and marketing.

He is updating the content every day on weekdays. He also runs an American digital marketing company.

Gary's well-known saying is: the content must be generated under the context.


This means that when you publish any content, you must take into account the users of each social media platform, the form of content they like.

There are gaps and preferences between age and content on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook users are accustomed to watching shorter content, while long-form information is presented in personal blogs or Youtube videos.

And more musicians get popular on Twitter's video platform, Vine.
How do you get the attention of users within the 6 seconds time limit of Vine ? Based on research report, among the first few well-known Vine channel characters, there are 99% are funny experts, and their films are funny and short.

Unlike using social media as just a promotion channel, Gary believes that you should use your language to convey your message on each platform to gain fans' interests.

You may subscribe to Gary's channel to learn more about the operation of social media.

4. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be divided into two types in simple terms, one is keyword advertising like Google AdWords and Amazon Sponsor Ads; the other is ads on social media, it appear during use of the platform based on user's preferences.

Google keyword ads are relatively "active" ads compared to Amazon keyword ads, because users only search under specific situation needed. For example, a user wants to know how to make grandma's lemon cake, then he will check the cake on Google. Another user wants to buy a sweeping robot and find products on Amazon.

Consumers generally make shopping decisions on the first page of search results, just like people looking for information on Google will expect to find answers on the first page or even the first three results.

Therefore, it is more important to make your webpage to be seen by the user at first glance ! Besides the effort of SEO, it also requires paid advertisments to get more people's attention at the initial stage of your website.

Both Amazon and Google use "keyword advertising" to win your advertising position, according to the keywords you want to compete, there will be different prices. When the keywords you want to compete have more search volume, the more competitive this keyword may be. Therefore, in order to capture the exposure of advertising, the cost you need to invest may also be higher.

In addition to keyword advertising, Facebook and Youtube are the biggest social media advertising overlords !

Facebook ads are classified by your marketing goals, which are "brand recognition", "willingness to use" and "conversion actions". You can interact with potential target customers through different types of ads.

Compared to keyword advertising, this type of advertising is relatively passive. The so-called "passive" means that users appear on the page where they use the platform when they are not conscious of shopping (There is no active demand, and it is not an active search for related words).

According to the demographic variables and preferences of the audience, Facebook ads appear in the process of browsing the web. For example, Facebook ads will appear in user browsing, the right siddebar, and in the videos.

Youtube ads is before watching the video and in the longer video. Google Multimedia Network advertisement can choose how to display this advertisement.

Although this is a "passive" advertisement, if you can accurately display your advertisement in front of the right audience, and supplement it with attractive copywriting, pictures, and videos. The benefits that advertisement brings you could be even more amazing !

If you want to know more about Youtube ads, you can search for related articles on the Internet. To understand the use of Youtube ads, types of Youtube's advertising, and tutorials. Learn how to use AdWords to accurately place advertising videos will make you understand how YouTube video ads operate, and tell you how to accurately target your audience and how to optimize for Youtube ads.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing: To help merchants share product links, the more merchants earn, the more sharers earn. Affiliate marketing is also one of the most popular "online monetization" models for online bloggers, which allows merchant owners and online celebrities to do their part profit, an online marketing method that maximizes marketing benefits.

The opinion leader on the Internet helps you share products to more people through the affiliate marketing link, and earns a profit. He is happy. You are very happy. Because the efforts of opinion leaders allow you to gain the growth of customer scale. And this might be the bottleneck that you encounter and cannot break through the conversion through other marketing methods.

People who are promoted by opinion leaders may also be happy. Because they may be satisfied with the product or service being promoted, they may "share" again and again, so that you can gain more People's attention.

If you monitor many celebrities, youtubers, bloggers, then you will be familiar with affiliate marketing ! Everyone who promotes, endorses, and speaks for it may get a specific coupon code. Once users enter the discount codes from these bloggers, web celebrities, youtubers websites during the promotion time, or purchase products on the promotion page by clicking a specific link. The "endorser" can get a certain percentage of commission.

Merchants use Internet affiliate marketing to give commission to the youtubers and bloggers who promote products. As long as youtubers or bloggers share more promotion links to help the merchants to make more money, they do earn more comission.

It is a concept of mutual benefit. A good affiliate marketing can quickly improve the visibility and sales of products.

For example lIke Amazon Associate in the United States.

6. Email Marketing

Although social media has become a hotspot in marketing in the past several years, Facebook has constantly introduced new features and new marketing services. Whether it is a video, live broadcast or auction community.

Email marketing might not have been the most fashionable marketing method, but it is still a marketing method that can be


You may be wondering why every time you go to a new platform or website, the website usually invites you to become a member by leaving your name and email information ?

Actually this is for remarketing purposes ! Of course, it is still very much related to the content of your website. If your website continues to give users affordable and valuable information, then they are likely to subscribe to your newsletter. For example, you may remind newsletter subscribers about air ticket discounts, product sales, and limited edition offers.

For more information on the newsletter marketing, you can search on the internet for related articles on how to design your e-newsletter content, e-newsletter title, and how to get more "email lists" via e-newsletter. So that the conversion rate are greatly improved.

7. Chatting Robot

In the era of artificial intelligence (AI), how can you miss a chatbot ? When your website are still unknown, you may have a lot of time to reply to the fans' messages one by one. However, when you accumulate a large group of audience, do you still have time to look at each content carefully and reply slowly one by one ? Also, when users keep asking the same questions, don't you think it's annoying to answer the same answers every time or to cut and post the answers ?

A chatbot can save you a lot of time !

Customers often have a lot of questions about e-commerce, service content, and sales on Amazon, so you create FAQ pages.

However, there are also a lot of users who found us through the facebook fans page, so we designed the Facebook Messenger chat robot to let more people learn more about services.

Messenger is a faster way to send and receive messages than traditional Email. Think about it, aside from Facebook, do you usually spend a lot of time on Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, and Viber ? Through chatbots, you can pormote your products, services or websites to customers for 24 hours regardless of time or region. This is a chance to create an endless list of orders, isn't it great ?


After reading these 7 approaches of online marketing you might have learned more ideas about what's going on. And you might be very excited to get ready to start as a beginner and move forward to be an expert !

Once you have learned the essential knowledge of online marketing, and combined with online marketing strategies, you are then one step closer to a successful online business !

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