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How to choose Facial Masks ?

It’s getting more and more popular for facial mask nowaday, the major reason is facial mask makes more easy to maintain face cleaness. Within 10 to 20 minutes after paste facial mask, say while you drinking a fruit juice, you may have a complete brand new face. Some facial mask even needs no washing after use. It sounds amazing!

Comparing to facial mask products which come in a tube or jar,a sheet mask is more easier to use within minutes. So what is the amaze a sheet mask could be in a nutshell ?

There are skin care products with different functions in the beauty market currently.
In different form:

1. Mask Sheet
Moisturizing and whitening mask mostly in this form. Some facial mask does not need to clean after the application. Most of mask sheets contain some ingredients of the small molecular weight, high permeability.

2. Washable Mask, Clay Mask, Mud Mask
One is soil mask of clean effect, another is moisturizing or sedative gel mask. Usually it requires to wash face after this mask is applied.

3. Stripping Mask
Mostly used to remove keratin and remove the acne, the effect is obvious, but the damage is greater.

By function, there are several type you can choose from :

1. Moisturizing nourishing mask
If the skin is native dry, or need to strengthen the moisturizing when stay outside in dry weather, you can choose to use moisturizing nourishing type mask.

2. Cleaning mask
The main ingredients of the cleaning mask is the clean soil, such as volcanic plaster, dead sea mud and so on. Soil particles can adsorb the skin surface of the oil, to achieve further cleaning effect.

3. Clear acne mask
With the mask of super-strong ingredients, the deep acne will be removed.

4. Whitening mask
Whitening is the most important matters to do under summer sunshine.
Whitening Mask mainly removes epidermal aging keratin and pigment, can quickly make whitened and smooth of the skin.

The maintenance principle of facial mask is to work various moisturizing, nourishing ingredients through the stratum corneum, to help the skin to grasp or retain moisture.

The facial masks in the market sometimes also add some kinds of nutrients, such as: eggs, honey, lemon, strawberry, cucumber, ginseng and so on.

Is DIY facial mask better?

Some people like DIY, they do facial by homemade mask with readily available materials.  Usually the natural substances contain compound ingredients, some can be used in maintenance, but not every kind of skin is beneficial, the effect is not necessarily better. In fact, it’s a question whether homemade mask can achieve maintenance effect...

Commercially available skin care products apply extraction and special treatment durning production. It only take the effective ingredients for the maintenance of the skin, makes masks more moderate.

It is advisable for people who are sensitive to skin care to avoid excessive use of the mask. If your skin is healthy, it will suffice up to once a week.


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